History of Design, A Focus on Quality


Welcome to Atlanta Architecture Images, the city of Atlanta’s premier marketing partner looking to create engaging visual content that allows today’s real estate businesses the opportunity to showcase their properties, promote their firms, and connect with buyers on a deeper level than ever before.
With a history of exceptional design and a focus on quality production, ATL AI is here to change the industry.
Our Story
With an eye for design and an intent focus on natural lighting, fine details, and exceptional compositions, Atlanta Architecture Images has built our brand around the needs of our clients. We understand just where the real estate industry is headed, and we know that it takes visually pleasing images to garner the attention of prospective clients. With that said, we see it as our duty to help Atlanta’s real estate firms attract new prospective customers simply through stunning visuals, photographs, videos, and animations.
How It All Began
Founder and Owner of Atlanta Architecture Images, Daniel Beatty, is a photographer and visual artist through and through. Although he is LEED Accredited Landscape Architect with extensive experience in working with leading architects in the region throughout the last ten years, his true passion is photography. 
At just 13 years old, Daniel picked up a camera for the first time and simply couldn’t resist the urge to carry it with him wherever he went. And two short years later, he built his own darkroom. In high school, Daniel could always be found in the photo room developing film, mixing chemistry, and enlarging in the darkroom. And when he was 16, he helped to teach a high school photography course.
As he continued to grow his practice, he began to experiment with videography in his later college years, and from there, he knew he wanted to create a digital media firm that could create high-end visual content for the building industry. Today, that company is Atlanta Architecture Images.
“As a past LEED Accredited landscape Architect, I understand the needs of the design industry, and I know just how today’s leading building companies and commercial real estate firms want to market and showcase their work.” 
“At Atlanta Architecture Images, our goal is to help our clients develop a stunning portfolio of their work so that they can market their services, their properties, and their listings, to clients far and wide. In the age of digital media, there’s no such thing as a customer who’s ‘too far.’ They’re all available, it’s just up to us to create the content that reaches them.”
Daniel Beatty, Founder & Owner.

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